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Advantages of Optimizing Recovery

Percussion therapy has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of fascia tissue release and massage therapeutics. The renown massage gun has implemented a total of five criteria's to help therapeutic modalities and performance.

1. Eradicating Stiffness, Pain, and Knots:

- This method is great for pain relief. During the use of the percussion therapy your muscles will be soothed and relaxed. By staying fluid and flexible, they will also feel less painful and strained. Which correlates to less pain and stiffness within the body, since tension and stiffness can exacerbate injury or knots, it will aid in the breakdown of lactic acid and injury recovery.

2. Speeding Up Recovery:

- The body regenerates the injured area and these tissues within the area accumulate. Percussion therapy can boost recovery by breaking up scar tissue with certain techniques so that your muscles continue recovery at a quicker pace.

3. Increases Blood Flow:

- Percussion therapy and massage is shown to increase tissue temperature, which results in encouraging blood flow to that area. This increase in blood carries nutrients throughout the body and muscle tissue which correlates with improved blood circulation.

4. Increase Range Of Motion:

- Therapeutic techniques can not only just enhance the range of motion, but can both reduce inflammation and make your body more flexible. The result of how this is beneficial is for strengthening muscle groups and stabilization muscles which prepares your body to stay flexible when facing a potential injury-producing situation.

5. Reduce Stress and Alleviate Anxiety:

- Therapy has also been shown to have positive psychological effects on patients and athletes. Getting injured with tissue build up and fitness involves a lot of stress and anxiety for the human body, but especially for an athlete or those with seriously reduced motion and mobility. Often times, this anxiety is connected to recovering as quickly as possible or having feelings of uncertainty about the future. For those struggling to stay stress-free during injury recovery, or everyday life,  Percussion therapeutics can also be an advantage for your emotional health.
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