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Electric Scooter, Powerful 250W Motor, 15.5 Miles Long-Range 36V/7.8Ah Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, 8.5" Non-Pneumatic Foam Filled Tires, Adult Electric Scooter for Commute and Travel

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Minkra is a specialist electric mobility retailer, stocking market-leading ranges of electric scooters, electric bikes and accessories. We are driven by our desire to offer you the best products, objective buying advice and unrivalled customer service, while making a real, meaningful positive impact on the way we all travel every day. Minkra believes that electric scooters and electric bikes can play a pivotal role in reducing society’s reliance on cars, lowering air pollution and congestion in cities across Europe, alongside walking and taking public transport. Our goal is to lead a micromobility revolution, benefitting society for generations to come.


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1. If you have any questions about our products or policies, please contact with us by email, we will respond you within 24 hours.

2.The product inspection and QC in our production line is very strict and rigorous, which make our goods with high quality and enjoy great fame at home and aboard.


3.The price of our product is reasonable and competitive, which can very well help you compete against any other suppliers' product and help you occupy the market.


4.We warmly welcome OEM and ODM orders.If you are interested in any of our products,Pls feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.




Q: Can I place a sample order to test quality? 
A: Yes, for sure.


Q: Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?
A: Yes, cheaper prices with bulk orders.


Q: When do you ship my order?
A: Normally 3-5days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.


Q: What mode of payment do you usually accept? 
A: T/T bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal,Trade Assurance etc. are all acceptable.


Q: Could we do design for products?

A: Yes, we provide OEM service.

  How long will the batteries hold their charge?

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This is the highest quality electric scooter I’ve ever experienced. I purchased the scooter about two weeks ago, I’ve put over 150 miles on the scooter in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, including Pasadena, Burbank and Hollywood. Scooter is fast, powerful, smooth and reliable. I’ve ridden the scooter well over the 18 mile range several times, I’m very happy with my purchase, I highly recommend this scooter! Thank you Minkra!


I am a very good critic of all things electric with wheels as I also own two Acton Electric boards the S2 and Quattro, the latter with a crazy top speed of 26MPH. After going through the first full battery charge that was at least in full speed mode with lots of hill climbing thrown in, I got to 2% and 18.55 miles. Considering they claim 18 miles in ECO mode thats pretty impressive. Good package, great build quality! I hit a top speed on level of 17mph with full throttle, a good speed for a 250 watt motor! Cruise control is super good. Highly recommend, a slick piece of transport that I will keep in the car ready to go!!


My initial impression is it is a high quality product. It arrived mostly assembled with the exception of the handlebar that required 4 screws to install. Also nice they include two extra tires and tubes. I've noticed some pretty nice solid tire options but considering there is no suspension I'll stick with air unless flats become a problem. Braking is great. The front wheel uses some type of regenerative braking that charges the battery, the back disk brake adds kinda a trail braking effect. I've seen people thinking they needed to adjust the back to make it brake harder but I think the set-up from the factory is perfect & adds stability when braking in turns. Speed. In standard mode the top speed of 15 mph is great and I don't think you want to go over that with 8 1/2 inch wheels. Eco mode is ok if you need to extend range. It tops out at 11 MPH. In all modes climbing hills is difficult, small grades are ok especially if you are light. This is where your body weight makes a huge difference. I weigh of 200 lbs so hills are slow going and kill the battery.


Right combination of price, range, speed and a huge community of riders online. I commute to work downtown, then take it to lunch without sweating in heat. I've biked for years, but people on the street love to high-five and yell hi to you on this. There's always someone chatting you up about it. Range is pretty amazing for $369, but on all-day excursions over 15 miles, the charger just fits in my shorts pocket, allowing recharges in the corner of a brewery patio or park. Combining this with light rail system, or throwing it in the back of an Uber, opens up the whole city. So far, sliming the wheels has avoided any flats for me. This scooter is a ton of fun ... Test riding it is like going to look at cars or puppies. You're leaving with one.


Excelente producto! Mucha calidad en los materiales y sencillez en su uso. Minimalista y tiene una aplicación móvil. es un muy buen detalle.


The scooter is amazing. It is easy to handle but over time it masters 100% and moves you from here to there in luxury. I hardly use my car anymore. Although it runs at a maximum of 25 per hour, I get to my destination faster than by car due to the conflict in the city. As a tip, when you get a flat tire (which will happen sooner or later), go to a vulcanizer with someone who is dedicated to changing tires.


This is the best commute tool ever. I commute about 5 miles each way to work. Normally, driving and parking takes about 30m, and the bus takes about an hour. With this thing, I spend 30m commuting: same amount of time as driving, and I don't have to deal with parking. It's much faster and cheaper than the bus: I justified this purchase thinking that if I could ride it to work 100 times, it would have paid itself off. Already done, and it's a pleasure. I look forward to my commute with this scooter.


It fully meets my expectations, excellent battery life, I use them for commutes to work of 24 km per day (round trip) without problem with charging, anyway for safety I carry the charger in a backpack, but it really is not necessary . It is not that light, after a few minutes you can feel the weight, but it is still portable enough to take it on the subway or in the trunk of the car. The maximum speed that I have achieved is 28 km / h.


I was so excited to get this scooter, and when I got it outta the box, the handle bars were very straight forward, 4 screws and you are ready to roll. I had about 70% battery when I received it, and went for a ride. Man the freedom, and the fun of this scooter, is amazing. I have had it out each day : dry/wet hot/cold.. this scooter just rocks! Pros gets you to and from work quickly, especially if you live in the downtown cores. This scooter feels more secure, and more accurate for turning than those rentals you have out there LIME/BIRD. Not as heavy and they fold up quick to put away ... easy charge.. and I love the interface with blue tooth. My scooter speed has hit a 25km/hour according to my GPS watchdog... I don't go full throttle all the time, and notice in my app I go about 18km/hour on an average. I have had one flat tire on the front, I did say a couple of nasty words while changing it. It's like a learning curve, once you have done it, how would you do it better in future... Next tire I change I will record it to video, I have some ideas. After running in the wet after the rain storm I always avoid puddles of water, as you just never know. Get back and wipe your scooter down with a damp rag. Looks brand new.. and always ready for the next ride. Con: Where ever you park it, something with the rubber leaving marks where you park it ... so I now have it set on cardboard flaps so it doesn't mark my kitchen floor.


Everyday I am out with this and there is always a conversation that happens because of this. This is my two months update after putting in 979 miles mainly in NYC + plus 1 rare wheel flat tire and tube which happened at mile 973. I did take it to a rural part of CT and it was also a fun short ride as well. Overall still amazing minus the flat! I do not use it in the rain or wet street. I do stay off sidewalks as much as possible. I'm about 5'11 and 165+. It takes roughly 5 hours or so for a full charge. 1 hour charge can give you about 2-3 miles of juice. After 2 months of heavy use, the battery is great! The range distance is 18+ miles on Eco mode which is roughly 9 mph. If you go slower it can stretch past 20 miles range. I never used the regular mode entirely because it's too fast in NYC only during certain occasion I will. On Regular mode I went about 16 mph by the bike path. I'm guessing its a little more than 13+ miles of range on Regular mode. It uses up battery for sure but its nice and fast. The Mi Home App is a must. It connects via bluetooth and shows you the statistic of the bike: how many miles left, how much juice left, how many charging cycles it's done, how many charges it's done. Its very detailed. I recommend you tighten the screws per 100 miles. It can get lose from vibration. If you come to a jerk stop it weaken the stem. Try to do a gradual deceleration. After 4 days/100 miles of use, my stem is slightly lose and makes creek noise. It's normal bc its thin.A lot of weight and force driving forward. It happens on those folding bikes like brompton, dahon etc due to geometry. Always ride with 2 hands on the handle bars. This isnt a bicycle where you can balance with 1 hand. I actually do not listen to an audio on while riding for safety purpose. Is it worth $500?! HELL YEAH. The tires are nice after 900+ miles. Im still testing it. Hope to reach 1,000 miles next and see how the bike performs.

Electric Scooter, Powerful 250W Motor, 15.5 Miles Long-Range 36V/7.8Ah Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, 8.5" Non-Pneumatic Foam Filled Tires, Adult Electric Scooter for Commute and Travel
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